Austria, Tyrol (state), Bezirk Landeck

About Galtür

Galtür is a village and ski resort in the upper Paznaun valley in Tyrol (Austria). Located in the Central Eastern Alps 35 km southwest of Landeck near the border of Vorarlberg and Switzerland. Direct antipode of nearby Ishgle: calm, quiet resort for fans of untouched snow. This city carries variety of ranks: the climatic resort, climbing paradise, travel arena, mountain-skiing area, and it also has own gallery Alpinarium Galtür – a museum with the Austrian quality symbol.


Galtür is mountain high ski-resort which guarantees snow from the end of December on the end of April. Some sites of mountain-skiing region Galtür reach heights of 2 297 metres above the sea level. The region "Silvapark" with its six various zones guarantees equal degree of comfort to families, alpine-skiers and snowboard racers, exciting parks for freestyle snowboarders and freeskiers, excellent cross-country ski-tracks and tours for cross-country skiers or ski tourers.
There are many legends about mountain region Patsnaun among fans of the pedestrian tourism, such tops as Pitsts Buin, Fluhthorn or Drajlendershpittse – the treasured purposes of any climber.


Life in the high mountains was hard and demanded a lot from people. As a sign of gratitude for God’s help numerous chapels were built in and around Galtür. The parish and pilgrimage church “Maria Geburt” in Galtür was consecrated in 1383 and has formed the centre of the community for more than six centuries.
The trail of reflection that was opened in 2005 will lead you to these chapels. The most beautiful chapels in Galtür are the “Rearkappali”, the “St. Antoniuskapelle” in the community of Wirl, the “Maiswald” chapel, the “Barbarakapelle” at the Bieler heights on the Silvretta High Alpine Road (Hochalpenstraße) and the “St. Martinskapelle” in Tschafein. Today the Galtür citizens still preserve their churches and chapels like a treasure, and a little hike to the various chapels is definitely worth while.

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