Austria, Tyrol (state), Bezirk Kitzbühel

About Kitzbuhel

Kitzbühel is a medieval city in Tyrol, Austria, situated along the river Kitzbühler Ache, now best known as a ski resort. It is the administrative centre of the district (Bezirk) Kitzbühel.
The legend says that the first Bavarian settlers saw the chamoises grazed with the kids (Kitzen) on a hill (Büchel). This place they named "Kitzbühel". The true part from this story is that the region has been really populated with Bavarians (presumably since the second half sixth century). The name, most likely, occurs from a nobleman by name (Chizzo), whose residence was in these parts. Thus, the name "Kitzbühel" can mean «the Hill of Kitzo».
The central historical part of small town is surrounded by a fortification and includes the whole ensemble of architectural sights. The old city is surrounded with quite modern and brisk city quarters. Kitzbühel is one of the first mounting skiing resorts. In 1928 the first lifts here have been built. The resort has got wide popularity thanks to competitions of a World Cup regularly spent here.


Kitzbühel is ready to make the special proposal to every sports fan. 170 kilometres of ideally prepared ski tracks, 33 kilometres of the marked ski routes of all complexity degrees, the snowboard park charged by adrenaline, natural slopes for sledge riding, plus of hundred kilometres of a ski track and routes for the pedestrian walks – all it transform Kitzbühel into winter Alpine paradise.
The reserve Auras is located in several kilometres to the south from Kitzbühel, with excellent panorama. Here it is possible to see about 200 animals in wild nature.


Kitzbühel as no other resort personifies romantic charm, sports passion and freshening cheerfulness: unique as fairy tale come to true, vicinities of the City of the Chamois, unique geographical position and features of region, and also numerous choices of diverse kinds of leisure transform Kitzbühel in desired place for visiting.

Kitzbühel is also famous for hosting a variety of major international events throughout the year. Above all, sporting events that attract tens of thousands of spectators to its slopes and glues millions of viewers to TV screens. Such events have seen Kitzbühel make significant steps towards the goal of establishing itself as the most legendary sports town in the Alps. It is Cordial Cup – one of the largest and most important youth football tournaments in Europe; and the Alpine rally in Kitzbühel, and a golf festival, competitions KitzAlpBike, Open tennis championship Austrian Open, the World snow-polo championship
Theotokos Church. This church has been constructed in 1370. In 1570 the Gothic tower which interior is executed in a Baroque taste has been attached. In a chapel fine frescos of a XVIII-th century.
The Schwarzsee, with a surface area of 15 ha and a depth of 7 m (23 ft), is one of the warmest and most beautiful bathing lakes in the Alps.

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